The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

“I’m sure it’s more than just luck on your side.”

“Maybe so,” she replies quietly, and I keep my focus on fixing our meal.

“Do you study?”

“Yep, I’m in my third year now. I just felt the need to move away for myself, you know? And it’s been nice so far, but I don’t get out much…well, not enough to meet people my age, at least.” She eyes me with a curious smile, “Or older, I suppose. I do meet plenty of thirteen-year-olds, but they aren’t really my type.”

“Much to my triumph,” I grumble with a tight grin, and she laughs. “Although,” I begin, interested to see her reaction, “Leroy is more your age.”

Without a pause, Megan fake gags, followed by giggling in her seat. “No offense, but I’d rather pick a teen over your nephew. At least I’d expect a thirteen-year-old to be immature.”

I chuckle, mixing the chicken salad before grabbing two bowls from out of the cupboard. “Trust me, what you saw of Leroy today was nothing.”

“Nothing?” Megan smirks, her eyes twinkling. “He wouldn’t leave the birthday box until I agreed to have dinner with him.”

I narrow my eyes, “What?”

She nods, “Well, of course I agreed. So, I ended up grabbing a small piece of his cake right then and there, taking a bite and then thanking him for dinner.”

And there she goes again, surprising me as she flashes her smile from across the room.

With a bowl in each hand, I head for the dining room, causing Megan to stand up and follow behind. “I have a feeling Leroy doesn’t get treated like that very often. He didn’t get his brutal confidence out of nowhere,” I mutter, reaching the table.

“That’s too bad for him. I had my eye on someone else, anyway.”

Is that so? I smirk in settling down at the table, finding amusement in Megan taking her seat across from my own, folding her legs beneath her as she settles into the chair.

“You know, perhaps I’m biased, but you picked the better man tonight,” I wink, and her eyes dance around as if she’s all of a sudden unsure of what to say—or do.

“Can I offer you a glass of wine?”

“Oh, yes, please.”

I gesture towards her bowl and she picks up her fork with grace, swooping up a bite of her dinner, causing her eyes to light up just as I head for the kitchen.

I’m going to enjoy every second of this...

With two glasses in one hand and a bottle of white wine in the other, I join Megan back at the table. “So, what else is there to know about you?” Setting the glasses down, I’m prepared to know more about the gorgeous soul warming my home tonight.



I can’t help but bite my lip as I accept the glass of wine Eli’s handing over. His biceps strain his shirt as he reaches out, screwing with me in more ways than one as his shoulder muscles join in on the blissful torture—I’m pretty sure I’m drooling at this point.

I shake my head, readjusting in the chair and forcing my mind back on his question.

“Well, I um…I’m not really sure there’s much more to tell. When I moved, I left everything behind—with my parents, I mean,” I quickly amend. “I’ve obviously been wasting time at the ice rink, but it was just until Jordan was ready for me. And now, he is.”

“Jordan?” Eli raises his brow, taking a sip of wine as his food goes untouched.

I hum, swirling the smooth liquid inside my glass around, trying my hardest not to let Eli know I’m checking him out, but it’s hard to refrain from doing so with us sitting so close.

“Yeah, he’s my new boss. Well, starting tomorrow, at least.”

Eli’s brows twitch, causing me to smile. Is that jealously I smell?

“It’ll be my first day, considering I worked my last shift at the rink today. And to be honest, I’m getting a little nervous.”

“Nervous? You mentioned he’s impressed with your work, did you not?”

“Yeah,” I frown, “I did,” staring at my glass again. “But what if I mess up on day one?”

“Then you mess up.”

I look at Eli and he just shrugs, keeping it casual. “It’s not a big deal in most instances. Everyone messes up at some point in their lives. You just have to learn from those mistakes and decide to do better next time.”

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