The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

“My mom has said something similar before...”

“Sounds like a smart woman.” He winks at me again, sending shivers up my spine. His eyes appear in a way to be admiring something new—something no one else has ever seen...and as I try to understand, his lips form a tight line as his dark gaze narrows back in on me.

“How are you getting to work tomorrow? Is your car back at your place?”

I scoff, though regret it right away as his stern look remains steady. “No, uh, there’s no car. I’ve been working at an ice rink, Eli. It’s not exactly a gold mine in there,” I jest, hoping to ease the tension filling my chest. “I planned on taking the bus.”

“No need,” he replies. “I have a second car, and it will suit you quite well. You can take it.”

Take it? Is this guy sane?

“I-I can’t do that, but thanks,” I stutter, slopping a bit of wine on my upper thigh while at it.

“Of course you can.” Eli eyes me curiously, then stands and heads inside of the kitchen, returning back with a cloth in hand. “Can you drive?”

I can’t help but giggle, grabbing the cloth from him as I begin patting down my thigh. “Yes, I can drive. But I’m still not taking your car.”

“Oh, but you are, Megan. Just accept already. This way, I know you’re safe, and you can also have a little more control of your big day tomorrow.”

I gulp. He’s staring at me now like he won’t take no for an answer, and at the same time, his demand has me all tingly inside, I can see just what I need to do.

“Thank you,” I breathe, hearing how small my voice sounds in this room.

Eli has no idea who I am, but here he is, making me fall for him without him even trying to…and desperate to move on, I glance around before refocusing on Eli.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“You can ask me anything, baby girl.”

Oh god. His name for me has me blushing already, I can feel it. Driving his gaze down to my lips, the edgy side of me stepping out tonight pushes me so far as to lick my bottom lip, pulling it in between my teeth while Eli stares from across the table. His gaze lingering before his eyes jolt up to mine, filled with a raging desire now coming alive.

“You have such a beautiful home. Did you decorate the place yourself?” I ask, now wanting to ask a very different question.

He cocks his head to the side, a subtle smirk spreading his lips. He must already know what I’m up to. “I can’t take the praise for the décor, I’m afraid. I had a designer step in a few years ago. Though perhaps, it might be time for an upgrade.”

His tone leaves nothing to be misunderstood—he’s single, and has been for quite some time. My heart is leaping at the possibilities, like a little girl meeting her crush once and for all.

“Would you care to show me around? I’d love a tour.” Attempting to keep it casual, I offer up my most innocent smile.

Eli’s smirk only widens. “Of course,” he stands, stepping around the table and offering a hand to pull me up. As I accept, moving to my feet in an instant with his help, it takes a moment to let go…

But just as Eli slides his palm down to my lower back, I’m snapped right out of my daze. Though, I can’t say I mind his new hand placement all that much…

He guides the way to what seems to be the main hallway, while feeling like a solid wall of heat right beside me. All I want is to lean into his space, smothering the chill running up my arms. It’s only now that I notice the artwork adorning the light-gray walls, while also noticing the antiques planted all around.

Okay, so Eli must have money—and a lot of it, if I had to take a guess. Just the thought alone is hitting me like a freight train right now.

“I bought the place a few years ago. I ended up getting into investment properties quite a long time before then, so the moment I came across the property, I had a gut feeling it was worth my time.” Eli leads us over to a wide window with a more than stunning view of the city.

The skyline is off to our right, illuminated by a million lights against a bold backdrop of the inky-black sky. And to our left, there’s nothing but mountains and stars—an empty space I can’t help but get lost in.

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