The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

“Wow...this view, it’s incredible,” I whisper, raising my fingertips to touch the window as if I can feel the landscape. The glass is cold to the touch, and I watch as it steams up from my body heat—I have Eli to thank for that.

Realizations quickly start dropping in mind like bricks and bombs. Eli’s three-piece suit; the sleek car he picked me up in; and this house…plus this view?

There’s no way we’re in the same league, and I’m beginning to think I’m more devastated by the thought than I have any reason to be.

Eli might find himself intrigued with me now, but if I give it time, he’ll just come to find I’m a broke girl trying to make it here in a big city. I don’t know anything about investments, nor am I into them…I think. I don’t have a pile of money stashed beneath my bed for emergencies, as I’m just plain old Megan—the girl who budgets meals out for the week before venturing off to the store.

I sigh, glancing at my glass in hand, realizing this wine very well cost me more than what I bargained for tonight…



“I-I should get some sleep; I have a big day tomorrow.”

I can’t quite place the emotion in Megan’s voice, so I nod, offering a light grin while hoping to put her at ease. My hand drops from her back unwillingly, as perhaps she is tired—the thought alone is making me want to forget our tour already, ignoring the fact we only got as far as the hallway.

“I’d have to agree,” I lie through my teeth. “Here, right this way.” Pushing open the bedroom door diagonal from where we stand, we walk inside quietly. Megan starts scanning the room over while I bank on the fact she’ll enjoy her stay...even if it is only for tonight—even if we never speak after this—I’d like to know the girl was surrounded by comfort.

“The bathroom is just through here,” I open a hidden entrance, set into a line of doors that make up the closet. She has access to the largest bathroom in the house, aside from my own, of course.

“Thank you, Eli.”

I can only nod, finding my worries to fade as she looks me in the eyes. Her beautiful stare in this low light is tempting the animal inside of me, wanting to toss the girl on the bed now, demanding she tell me everything she wants, everything she needs of me…

Though a simple goodnight will do instead.

“Sleep well, baby girl. I’ll see you early tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything, as my room is the last door on the left.”

Megan flushes on the spot, “T-thanks again, Eli. Night,” she whispers, and I’d do just about anything to know what’s on her mind right now.

Refraining from asking, I dip my head through the doorway, exiting her room and pulling the door closed behind me. I head to clean myself up as my mind runs our conversation on a loop.

I’m reluctant at the fact Megan won’t be joining me for bed. Though a move like that would take this too far, too quickly…especially when it comes to a girl like her.

Baby girl deserves to be wooed first, and a quick chicken salad and bottle of wine certainly doesn’t make the cut.

As I start to undress, all I can think of is how those blue orbs seem to light up every time she broke a smile or cracked a joke…and the way she kept sliding her fingers up and down the stem of her glass throughout dinner…

My head’s a damn mess.

With my shirt now off and on the floor, I unbuckle my belt, moving to unzip my pants when a knock interrupts my pace.

Mmm, well that didn’t take long. Moving swiftly, I wrench the door open—my heart freezes the second I do.

Here Megan is, wearing only a towel as her tan skin glistens from a fresh shower. Her eyes trail away from mine, lingering over my chest before shooting right back up. Those cheeks of hers deepening in color before my very eyes. What a fucking sight...

“S-sorry, I uh, hoped there was something I could steal to sleep in?”

The idea of Megan in my clothes draws up a groan, but I smother it, clearing my throat. “The thought had slipped my mind. Come on in,” my tone keeps low as I step away from the door, heading for my closet.

I hear her padding into the room behind me, and I grab two options off the hangers—a plain old tee and a white button-down. I’m not the least bit ashamed to show I’m desperate to see the girl in business attire.

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