The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

Presenting the options, I watch as Megan eyes both choices slowly before her fingers latch onto my preference—the button-down. I have to bite my cheek to halt a smirk, but the second she looks me in the eyes, I nearly fail to hold it all together.

“This should work. Thanks, Eli. Sweet dreams,” baby girl tells me with a warm smile, then saunters out of the room while looking like every last bit of a sweet dream…



I wake up to the smell of coffee, pushing me to want to get out of bed. What time is it?

Checking to make sure Eli’s shirt is sitting well enough to cover me—as much as it can—I head out of the guest room, booking it for the kitchen.

I find Eli standing by the oven, wearing nothing but a soft-looking pair of lounge pants…the muscles rippling down his back forces a moan to escape my lips, drawing his attention on me in the blink of an eye.

“Well, good morning,” his smooth voice rolls out with a charming grin on his face. Oh, my.

I’m not ready for this.

“M-morning,” I stutter, remembering why I’m here. “I smelled coffee and came running.”

He chuckles, gesturing me over with a nod. “Well, there’s plenty around. I also made eggs Benedict; hope you’re a fan.”

My tummy rumbles at the thought. I enter the kitchen with a smile on my face. “If you keep on spoiling me with such good food, I might not ever leave.” I’m joking, although as the words leave my lips, they come out a little too heavy…but I’m probably just psyching myself out.

Avoiding Eli, I quickly take a seat inside the nook, hearing him pour us cups of coffee before joining me at the table with breakfast served.

“You’re so kind. Thank you.” If I had woken up on my own today, I would’ve just settled on a cup of coffee before rushing out the door for my first big day.

But this…this is something else.

“You’re most welcome; anything I can do to help. Did you sleep okay? Your room tends to get a little cold at night compared to the rest.”

Your room…how sweet, even though I know he didn’t mean it the way I’m thinking…right?

And thinking of last night, all I can remember is how wound up I was when escaping Eli’s room, where I found him in nothing but his slacks...

Oh, and then let’s go ahead and add in the strong scent of his cologne lingering on his button-down—the one wrapped around my body all night.

I felt myself losing all control, and needing some sort of relief to have a shot at getting any rest, I squeezed Eli’s shirt with one hand while using my other hand to attend to the ache between my legs, hoping to offset the tension burning up down low—but it was all no use.

Nothing seemed to help kick the feel, and so I gave up, eventually passing out until waking up to the smell of coffee filling the room. And now here I am, just one confused girl losing her dang mind.

“I slept fine, thank you. The bed is super comfy, by the way,” I confess. Though I’m not used to sleeping on silk sheets like he surely is by now.

Eli grins, looking so sexy to where I’m starting to get uncomfortable in my own skin. But thankfully, he takes the first bite of breakfast, distracting from the tension as I silently join him, avoiding his gaze I can feel reaching me every so often.

“If you prefer,” he begins, then pauses as I quickly find myself looking at him without question, “you can take my car home tonight.”

Oh... Why does it feel like I’m getting rejected all of a sudden?

Despite trying to ignore the attraction I feel for Eli, I’m now stuck on the thought of him not wanting me around anymore. His words sting like paper cuts right in the palm of my hands.

“Either way works for me. I still need to make a call to get my window fixed, so going home after work probably makes the most sense. I can call you later, if that’s alright?”

“Please do,” he says, giving me the slice of hope I needed right now.

The rest of breakfast almost feels forced, and as much as I’m not looking forward to leaving, there’s a part of me that breathes a little easier when I’m out the door, seated in one sleek, blacked-out Mercedes Benz, and heading on back to my all-too-normal flat.

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