The Husband Sitter

By: Jessa Kane

“That sweet, little mouth is a powerful thing, isn’t it, young lady? Pissing me off one minute and making me a god the next.” He threads his fingers through my hair, pressing and holding his manhood deep, deep, until I make a choking sound. “What a special treat it is for your Daddy, knowing it’s waiting for him every night in the pool house.” He pulls free of my mouth and strokes himself for me in a tight fist, leaving a drop of semen on the tip of my waiting tongue. “Mmmm. Good girl. We both know what my greatest treasure is, though. Daddy couldn’t keep his hands off it at dinner, could he?”

I’m so wet for Mr. Red that the insides of my thighs are slick. I’m fondling my own breasts, my sobs punctuating the air. “I wanted you to make me come in front of her, Daddy. Why didn’t you?”

At my first utterance of the title, Mr. Red seems to expand, his chest and shoulders gaining even more strength. His energy pulses. Pulses with a sense of homecoming. “I wanted to satisfy that little pussy, too…” He pulls me to my feet and kisses my mouth thoroughly, tonguing me until I run out of air. Slowly, he turns me around and pushes me facedown over the bed, leaving me balanced on my forearms, my bottom in the air. “I always want to satisfy you, little girl, but she’s starting to get suspicious. You and Daddy have been having too many talks lately.” He smacks his hard erection against my backside a few times. “I have to stop myself from coming home on lunch breaks just to have a stern talk with tight, little Astrid.”

“I’d be waiting for you, Daddy.”

Mr. Red plugs my entrance with the tip of his length, then sinks all the way in with a long, ragged groan. “Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.”

I’m already vibrating with the approach of my climax. He’s filling every inch of me and I’m still keyed up from the way he touched me at dinner. One thrust and I’m going to erupt. His energy is so bold and debauched and wild, it’s heightening my experience, connecting us even more than I already feel we are. I turn my head to the right and moan at our reflection in the window. Old on young. A powerful man and his secret. “Am I tight enough for you, Daddy?”

A shudder moves through Mr. Red and he rears back, driving into me with a grunt. “Never felt anything like it. My God. I can barely get in and out.”

One more thrust and my walls clench, clench, tightening to the point of agony before release finds me. Finally. I work myself shamelessly on Mr. Red’s thick arousal, grinding my clit anywhere it can find friction, prolonging my orgasm. “Daddy. Daddy.”

“Son of a bitch,” he breathes, pressing his front to my back and fucking me in a frenzy. His testicles swing up and smack me repeatedly between the thighs, his breath rasping into the curve of my neck. “No one can ever know about this, young lady. No one can know I’m obsessed with your pretty, little cunt. Do you hear me? Daddy will give you everything you ever want if you just keep our secret. Especially from your mother.”

“I won’t tell,” I whimper, reaching back to spread my cheeks wide for Daddy to look at. “I just want to be your good girl forever.”

Mr. Red flattens me on the bed with a roar, slamming his manhood into me with great, punishing drives, knocking the breath out of my lungs. Making me scream into the mattress. And when he bears down and comes with a mighty shudder, I join him in my second climax. There’s no way to avoid it when such overwhelming completion wraps around him. It encompasses me. Makes me proud. This experience Mr. Red has wanted forever has finally happened and there’s no mistaking his awe.

Or his growing hunger to do it again. Soon.

I smile at him when he falls to his side on the bed, red faced and breathing heavily. Still playing the good girl, I curl my fists against his cheek and snuggle close. “You better get back soon, Daddy,” I whisper, kissing his mouth and letting my tongue mate gently with his. “We can’t get caught.”

A little while later, I’m sitting in the backyard under the stars when a light goes on upstairs. It’s the master bedroom. I watch drowsily as Mr. Red walks into the bedroom, greeted by Mrs. Red. They smile at one another and embrace for long minutes, an obviously cathartic moment taking place. Inside my chest, I feel my heart flutter and expand with knowledge.

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