The Husband Sitter

By: Jessa Kane

Mrs. Black laces her fingers with mine and guides me into the room, even though I feel terribly out of place. Even if I wasn’t wearing underwear and high heels in a home gym, Mr. Black clearly doesn’t want me here and the last thing I want is to go closer to him. To feel his disdain.

“Darling, I’m only going to get busier. And you are only going to get more miserable.” She trails a finger down the sweating slope of his back. “I’d rather be in control of an arrangement. To know and trust who you’re with, rather than you losing patience and seeking pleasure elsewh—”

“I would never!” Mr. Black pins her with a fierce look. “I would never be unfaithful. No matter how badly I…” He accidentally looks at me, his gaze sliding over my breasts. His pupils dilate, blocking out the gold of his eyes. “I wouldn’t,” he finishes hoarsely.

“I know.” She threads her fingers through her husband’s hair. “When I found you, darling, you were an escort in Paris. Not because you needed money, but because you enjoyed giving pleasure. It’s one of the things you’re built to do. You’re withering without an outlet. I’m giving you one.”

“Please no—”

“She’s a virgin.”

Mr. Black’s eyes flare and he makes a rough sound, turning his head away from me, his fists shaking at his sides.

“Imagine if someone without your skill and care made the first time terrible for her,” she murmurs. “We can’t have that. Look at her, darling. She’s beautiful.”

“I saw her,” he snaps, that arrogance whipping back into place.

“I’m giving her to you.”

Mr. Black’s resistance remains obvious. I truly don’t think Mrs. Black’s plan is going to work, even though his lust is a fire-breathing dragon in the room. The front of his sweatpants is a thick bulge and his stomach shudders, hollowing, rising. He wants. He wants so bad and that same desire invades me now, rolling into me like army tanks, making my sex heavier and heavier. It’s like he smells the change in me, because his head turns slowly, his nostrils flared.

I begin to pant. I’m probably embarrassing myself, but I can’t help it. Sexual frustration reaches out from him and cradles me, heating me, dragging me under. My gift is transferring his pain to me and it’s intense.

“Where did you find her?”

Mrs. Black laughs quietly. “Believe it or not, she came to us.” She drops her hand from Mr. Black’s hair and traces a finger along the lacy cup of my bra, making me whimper. “Tell me this creature wouldn’t please you.”

His breaths begin to match mine. That bulge at the front of his pants grows, grows, until the head of his erection pushes up through the waistband. “I can’t,” he growls. “I can’t do this.”

“Why don’t we make it a game this first time?” Mrs. Black suggests. “If I remember correctly, darling, your clients liked to paint their fantasy scenarios. They would ask you to fulfill them. Am I right?”

“Yes,” he responds tightly, licking his lips. “On the rare occasion I wasn’t enough of a fantasy.”

“Let’s take a page from their book.” Slowly, Mrs. Black urges my body closer to Mr. Black. Closer. Until my belly is grazing his distended manhood. “I hope you don’t mind…” She winks. “If I go for broke and make this scenario quite naughty.”

Neither one of us says anything. My mouth can’t move when he’s staring at it like a starved wolf with a rabbit in his sights. There’s a mixture of guilt and starvation and wonder that makes me want to press against him shamelessly, but I manage to hold off, letting the story weave around us.

“I’m not your wife right now, I’m your…mother,” she purrs in Mr. Black’s ear. When he rolls his magnificent eyes, she smiles. “Stay with me. I recently married her oh-so-rich father, inheriting Astrid here as a stepdaughter, which makes her your…”

“Stepsister,” he rasps, still not impressed. “Very original.”

“Give me some credit,” Mrs. Black continues, studying her nails. “It seems her father has tired of me and is considering trading me in for a younger wife, but I’ve signed a prenup, so a divorce would leave us broke, darling. Unless we find some way to connect this girl and her father to us for a very…long…time.”

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