The Mafia's Curvy Woman

By: Sam Crescent

“My father won’t tell me why you picked me. We’re your rival company.”

“But we’re also friends. You need to stop reading too much into the semantics of this, and just do as you’re told.” Johnson pointed at the paper. “Make my daughter fall in love with you, get down the aisle, and you will not be hurting for the cash I know you need for the Booker deal.”

Dom stared at Johnson.

The Booker deal was one of the biggest contracts they’d been handed in years. It was the chance to market and distribute for the main beauty supplier, which could be worth billions. He’d had to fend off plenty of offers to make his contract the best. The only problem was when he’d been negotiating a worldwide distribution, Duke’s hadn’t been on the verge of collapse. If he could keep the company afloat for the roll out, he wouldn’t need the merger with Boyle. If Johnson knew about it, there was a risk of Booker going elsewhere, and he couldn’t afford that. There was no way they would survive.

“How do you know about that?”

“Dom, you’re a good businessman. Your father has taught you well, but you need to know that every single one of your competitors always knows something. You always have to stay one step ahead. Remember what I told you. I’ll leave the Booker deal alone if you get my daughter down the aisle by the end of the month.”

“End of the month, that’s two weeks away.” He needed the Booker deal.

“I know. I thought you were a man with a sweet tongue, who could charm the pants off any woman. Let’s see you at work.” Johnson left without another word.

As he stared down at the paperwork, a ball of rage began to unfurl in his stomach. He slammed his hand across the desk, throwing his computer to the floor. He picked up a vase and launched it across the room, watching it smash.

“It can’t be that bad,” Alice said, stepping into the room.

Dom collapsed back into his chair, still holding the fucking piece of paper. “It’s worse. I’ve got to make a girl fall in love with me in less than two weeks, as otherwise all of this is gone.”

“Have you ever thought about telling her the truth?” Alice asked.

“No. I’m not going to do that. She doesn’t care about all of this. She won’t care.”


“Alice, stop, okay. I’ll fix this. I will.” He wasn’t going to screw this up. Sage was like any other woman, and he was going to prove to her that he was the man for her.

End of sample chapter

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