The Mafia's Virgin Nanny

By: Sam Crescent

Tessa appeared a second later. The moment she caught sight of Cole, she stopped.

“What do you want me to do?” Cole asked.

“Find Adesso. I have a feeling his meddling caused this, and bring the car around. We’re going to pay Louis a visit.”

Cole nodded, turned on his heel, and left.

“Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Everything will be okay. I’ve got to cut our night short, I’m afraid.”

He didn’t like how happy she looked at that idea.

“You’re off tomorrow. We’re going out.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’d like to take you shopping.” Surely that would appeal.


“Am I not speaking clear English?” he asked.

“I just, I don’t understand.”

“Simple. You don’t take enough vacation time. I employ two nannies for my sister, not just one. You will spend tomorrow with me. We’re going to get you some new clothes.” The ones he always caught her in looked old. She didn’t even spend any of the money he paid her.

He knew this for a fact because he checked her bank account. Nothing was spent. She didn’t need to buy any personal toiletries or food as it all came from him anyway. There was nothing she could ever want as he took care of it all.

Now though, he was determined for her to have fun. He’d given her time to grieve, to deal with the loss of her parents. He was done waiting around.

Done being patient.

He wasn’t known for taking no for an answer.

Tessa was his.

She didn’t know it yet, but she would.

“You really don’t need to do that though. I don’t understand why you would.”

“Simple, I want to spend time with you. To do that, I have to be with you.” He stepped up close to her. She tensed but didn’t step back.


He expected her to turn on her heel and run.

No, Tessa was a fighter.

“I have to go now,” he said, reaching out, cupping her cheek. She didn’t accept his touch easily.

One day, he would have her craving his touch. When he put his mind to something that he wanted, he wouldn’t stop until he got it.

Tessa, owning her, she’d be a sweet victory.

With his father dead, he didn’t have anyone to dictate to him who he’d be with. Tessa wasn’t family nor mafia royalty, but he wasn’t going to be told who he could marry.

She belonged to him. He’d known it for some time now, maybe even before she became a nanny.

Stroking his thumb across her bottom lip, he watched her gasp. He wanted nothing more than to take her lips, but then he’d have to leave.

When he finally kissed her, there wasn’t going to be time for him to go anywhere. He wanted the time to explore her body, to take, to touch, to taste.

His cock hardened at the thought of her body beneath his, her virgin pussy spreading for no one else but him.

“I hope you enjoy your hot chocolate and think about me tonight, Tessa.” He leaned in close, tempted to kiss her.

No, he couldn’t do it.

Pulling away, he stepped back and left the library. When he started, he wasn’t going to stop.

Chapter Three

Tessa finished changing Caesar’s diaper. She wrapped up the old one, placing it in the trash bin in the corner and washing her hands. Once that was done, she started to dress Caesar. She knew she had to get ready for her day out with Alonzo, but no one had responded to Caesar’s cries. She could only take so much, so she didn’t have much choice but to come and take care of him.

“There, there, all better now. You really know how to poop through the night, don’t you?” She kissed Caesar’s head and sighed. He was such a good boy.

He started to play with her necklace, and she smiled at him, letting him do that. With him in her arms, she sat down with him in the rocking chair. If no one came to relieve her of him in the next ten minutes, she’d take him down to feed him.

She loved her job and taking care of Caesar, but now her thoughts kept going to Alonzo and why he demanded she spend some time with him. It made no sense to her, none at all.

In fact, she found the entire thing stressful.

When Caesar started to make a fuss, she knew she had to feed him.

“Come on, little guy. Let’s take you downstairs and get some food.” She placed him on her hip. He was so happy when she did that, as her hips were quite large, and he settled in so nicely.

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