The Roommate's Baby

By: Penny Wylder

She raises an eyebrow. "Give me five minutes, then we can head home."

"Why head home?" I cast a pointed glance around us at the completely empty office. "There's nobody else here." I trail my hand down the side of her neck to the collar of her shirt. Then I let it drop down to her chest, and undo the top button of her blouse. Her cheeks redden, and she catches her breath.


"I've never done it in the office before. Have you?" I lift a brow, grinning.

"I thought we were going to keep this professional," she hisses. But she's starting to rise to her feet as well, leaning toward me.

"What could be more professional?" I undo the next button. She doesn't make a move to stop me. Quite the opposite—her eyes are on fire with lust. She takes another step closer to me. "An office setting, proper business attire... This is a completely professional meeting." I undo another button.

Her lips part. The look in her eyes is driving me crazy with lust. My cock is already rock hard—has been for half the damn day, and I can't wait any longer.

"Though, one party did admit that she isn't wearing entirely... proper under-attire." I grin and drop my hand from her chest to slide down her waist. I cup her ass hard with one hand. She gasps and finally steps forward to press her body against mine, her curves tight and warm where she presses against me. She slides her arms around my neck, and I lean down to kiss her, but she turns her cheek, so I trail my mouth along her neck instead. Leave little kisses and nips all the way from the nape of her neck up to the sensitive spot just under her ear. I bite that gently, and she gasps in my ear, a faint, breathy sound that makes me want to drag more gasps and moans out of her, again and again.

I push her backwards, lift her ass with both hands and plant her on her desk. She shoves her keyboard aside to make room and grabs the lapels of my suit jacket. Pulls me against her and kisses up my neck, her tongue flicking across my skin, driving me wild.

Then my hands are on her blouse again, tearing at the rest of the buttons. One pops off, and I decide fuck it, and tear the shirt the rest of the way off. She grabs mine in return and pulls it open. Buttons fly, but neither of us care.

"I've waited too long for this, Rina," I whisper just before I crush my mouth against hers. Her lips part under me, letting my tongue slide between her lips, claim her mouth. She tastes amazing—as great as she smells. Not going to lie, I'd imagined this kiss more than a few times throughout the years that we lived together. But it blows past anything I could have imagined. Her lips crash against mine, part and close and part again, her tongue twining through mine.

Underneath her blouse, she's wearing a bra I've never seen before, bright red and edged in lace. I cup her breasts through it, squeeze, and feel that her nipples are already hard before I even touched her.

"Someone's been thinking about this," I murmur as I reach back to unclasp the bra.

In response, she shoves my jacket and shirt down my arms. "All fucking day," she admits in a whisper. I let the jacket and shirt drop, and pull her bra off after, then draw her forward against me again, her body white hot against mine as I kiss her again.

"I want you," she says as her hands tug at my pants. I let her undo the clasp, even as I lean down to kiss my way down her throat to her chest, her breasts. I circle my tongue around her nipples, one at a time, licking and sucking them until they feel hard as pebbles between my lips. I nip her chest lightly, grin at the way she gasps again, and then, feeling that she's finally finished undoing the clasp, I stand again to let her push my pants down my legs.

Even through my boxers, I can see her eyes widen at the size of me.

"You want my thick cock, Rina?" I murmur against her chest.

I know I'm large. Some women have trouble handling it. For a moment, I worry that she's going to be one of them. But then she pushes my boxers the rest of the way down, letting my cock spring free, and runs her hands up both sides of it, lips half-parted in lust, hands stroking my cock, the velvet hardness over the steel-hard shaft.

"Fuck, I've never seen anyone so big," she replies, voice soft.

"I'll go gentle with you," I promise.

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