The Roommate's Baby

By: Penny Wylder

At that, to my surprise, she lifts her gaze to mine, a grin of challenge on her face. "Don't you fucking dare, Cannon."

I grin back. "Whatever you want." I yank her toward the edge of the desk then, and push her skirt the rest of the way up her hips. Sure enough, she wasn't lying—she's bare underneath. And not just bare, but totally clean-shaven too, her tight little pussy now resting against her desk, exposed to the whole office.

There's something hot as hell about doing this here, in the place where we work every day. I slide my hand between her legs and run one finger along her slit, only to find her already slick with juices. "Have you been fantasizing about me today, naughty girl?" I ask, my voice low with lust.

"All day," she replies, eyes locked on mine. "I couldn't stop picturing your body." She runs her hands over my chest, my torso, circles my waist with one arm and tugs me against her. "Wondering what your cock looked like. Wanting to feel you inside me."

I stroke my finger back and forth along her length, making the pad of my finger slick with her juices. Every other stroke, I circle her clit, teasing, not quite touching her hard enough to get her off, not yet. She groans and rocks against me. "And what do you think? Do you still want my cock inside you?"

She bites her lower lip and locks eyes with me in a move that's unbearably sexy. "So fucking bad. I want to feel you come inside me. I, ah..." She pauses, arches her neck as I graze along her clit fully now. I circle it, pressing a little harder to make her buck against my fingertip.

"You want me to fill you up?" I rock against her, my cock straining so hard it almost hurts. But I don't slide into her, not yet. I keep stroking her pussy, then slowly, slowly, push one finger into her.

She moans aloud. "Yes. Yes, Cannon, fill me up, pump me full of your cum."

"You want to make a baby?" I add a second finger, savor the sound as she gasps again, her chest heaving against mine. I push her harder against the desk, and reach down with my other hand to cup that tight, pert little ass of hers and lift her a little, until she wraps her legs around my waist. Her skirt is still bunched around her hips, and I lever it aside and add a third finger, making her cry out softly.

"Fuck yes. I want you to put a baby inside me," she manages to gasp, as I keep thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy, which is soaked now, wet with desire.

Just when her breath speeds up, and she starts to rock against me, thrusting against my fingers in earnest, I pull my hand out. She pouts faintly, arching toward me in response, but I don't leave her empty long. I position myself against her, poise the tip of my cock at her entrance and gaze down between us at the sight. It's been a long, long time since I fucked anybody without a condom.

There's something hot about that, too.

I press the tip of my cock against her pussy and feel how tight she is, how she strains to stretch around me as I ease into her, an inch at a time.

"Cannon," she moans, and the sound of my name on her lips, in that sexy, breathy voice of hers, drives me wild.

I expect her to tell me to slow down, to give her time to adjust to my girth, because I can feel how she stretches around me, how tight her pussy is. But she seems to love it, thrusting her hips forward to spear herself onto me, push me deeper. "You like that?" I whisper against the crook of her neck, still watching between us, loving the sight of my cock sliding into her. "You like my big cock inside your tight little pussy?"

"I fucking love it," she moans. "Give it to me. More."

I arch my hips then, and push forward in one smooth motion, until my cock sinks fully into her. I pause there a moment, let her adjust again, and I feel her walls tighten around me as she clenches her muscles on purpose.

But if I expected her to be put off by my size, or to need to adjust, I was so wrong.

She's already sliding backward across the desk, positioning herself for another thrust.

I give it to her, drawing out and then slamming back in hard. She tightens her legs around my waist, wraps her arms around my shoulders for balance.

"Yes," she gasps.

I pull back and thrust in again, moving faster now, picking up speed. The desk begins to rock beneath us as I drive into her again and again, her pussy tight and hot and wet around my slick velvet shaft. "You like big cocks, Rina?" I pull back, thrust forward, again and again.

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