The Roommate's Baby

By: Penny Wylder

I come with the softest cry I can manage, all too aware that one wall away, in the neighboring bedroom, Cannon is probably getting ready for bed. Stripping naked. What would he think if he heard me right now?

I shut my eyes and turn my face into the water after the orgasm rushes through me, leaving my whole body loose and tingling. I finish rinsing off and getting ready for tomorrow—the big day.

Then I towel dry and pad to bed naked. Pull the covers up to my chin, then proceed to toss and turn, wondering if he's asleep yet, wondering if he sleeps in the nude too. Wondering if he's thinking about me, about my proposal. Wondering if he'll back out tomorrow, change his mind.

I wouldn't blame him. It's one thing to have NSA sex with strangers. It's another to do it with a friend, someone you work and live with, especially someone who's looking to have your baby.

He knows I won't ask him for anything, not for child support or to be involved in the kid's life. But still. I saw that guy in the parking lot go crazy. A lot can change when you think about what it really means, having a kid with half your DNA out in the world. What if Cannon changes his mind? What if he decides he can't go through with this after all?

Or what if he does, and it ruins our friendship? What if this screws everything up, makes us awkward and weird at work?

What if after what if chases itself through my mind in dizzying circles, far into the night. I lose track of when I finally fall asleep, but it's late, far too late. And all the while, there's a nagging worry at the back of my mind.

What if I just made a huge mistake?



By the time I wake up the next morning, Rina's already at the office. I know because, like every morning when she beats me to the coffee machine, she made an extra cup and left it on the warmer for me.

I drink it while gazing out across our apartment. All this is going to change soon. Hopefully not our friendship, but our living arrangement will change. Rina made that clear. She's moving out. That doesn’t seem right.

Tonight I'm going to fuck my roommate.

More than that. Tonight I'm going to try my best to get her pregnant.

I've never really thought about kids—not in the concrete sense before. I know I want them, but eventually, somewhere down the line. The way you know you want a bigger house and a nicer car eventually, but currently you’re happy with what you have.

I never imagined it would be so fucking hot to think about getting a woman—someone I know—pregnant. About putting my seed in her belly, making her swell with my kid. My cock starts to strain against the seam of my work pants, and I grimace and finish the rest of my cup of coffee. Not now, I tell myself.

After all, I already jerked off last night—wrapped my fist around my cock in the shower and thought about Rina, thought about plunging my cock into her as I ran my hand up and down my own shaft. And I need to save my cum for Rina.

I need to be in shape to fuck her anywhere and everywhere she wants tonight. Which means I need to get through today without thinking about it too much, or by this evening I'm going to have a serious case of blue balls.

I grab my briefcase and head toward the office. Just as the elevator reaches the bottom floor, my pocket buzzes. Text. From Rina.

Are you sure about tonight?

I stare at the screen for a moment, my pulse already quickening at the realization that she's thinking about this as much as I am. Of course. Are you? I text back, phone in one hand as I stride toward the office. We chose this building because we both prefer walking to work, even in the SoCal heat, and this way we don't get too hot on the short walk, just five minutes.

But today, I'm already hot and bothered by the time I reach the office doors, because she replied one last time. Positive.

In the office, I spot her the second I walk through the doors. She's standing by the water cooler chatting to her friend Lacy, laughing at something Lacy said. Rina has her hair in a high ponytail that makes me want to grab it in one fist and pull her against me to crush her mouth to mine.

Not to mention that skirt she's wearing. It's a gray pencil skirt, tight enough that when she turns around to refill her water cup, her tight, pert little ass shows off to perfect display. Fuck. It's going to be a long day before we finally get home tonight.

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