Torn:Dark Legacy Duet, Book 2

By: Natasha Knight

He shrugs a shoulder. “Not really sure, honestly.”

“Where’s Sebastian?”

He puts a hand on his jaw, rubs the hard line of it.

“Want me to get him for you?”

I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic, but I shake my head no.

“Hm.” He walks toward me, and I pull the blankets up. “I don’t know what you said to him but take my advice and don’t say it again.”

“Why would I take your advice?”

“Because things are changing, Willow Girl.”

I swallow, and I think he hears my anxiety at his warning.

“You, me and Sebastian, it’s just us now. And things are changing.”

I shudder at his words. At the thinly veiled threat. “I don’t understand.”

“Were you paying attention in the mausoleum?”

“What are you talking about?”

He snorts, smirks.

“You have a short memory.” He pushes off from the wall and walks to the door. “Good night, Willow Girl. Sleep tight.”



I keep the nurse for another two weeks and check in on Helena sporadically in that time, giving her space. She won’t talk to me. She won’t even look at me. At least she’s eating regularly now and able to walk, dress, and shower without help.

Gregory’s sitting across from me on the patio. We’re drinking whiskey and while he looks out on the dark night, I study him, my younger half-brother, his words from that night in my study, that he wants a piece of Helena, still lingering daily in my thoughts.

We share a similarity in features, dark eyes, dark hair, the cut of our jaw. He’s the same height as me, built roughly the same. We think the same way too. We’re both calculated.

The difference between us is that Gregory’s always been last in the pecking order. And I’ve always been first.

I wonder if the accident with Ethan hadn’t happened, if Ethan would be like Gregory.

“You’re going to burn a hole in the side of my head, brother,” Gregory says, turning to me.

I smile, finish my whiskey, pour another.

I don’t expect him to let things go when it comes to Helena. I don’t expect him to walk away from the Willow Girl tradition. From her.

And I can understand his motivation.

He pushes his glass toward me and I pour for him too, then sit back and drink a swallow of the burning liquid.

“There’s a way out,” he says, not looking at me. “You know the way out.”

I know what he’s talking about. A way out for Helena. A way for her to remain mine without breaking with tradition. With the way things have to be.

“No,” I say.

He glances at me. “Suit yourself.”

“She’s mine.”

He faces me. “I don’t want to take her away. I just want a piece.”

I drink another swallow, never taking my eyes from his.

“We’ve done it before. It’s not a big fucking deal,” he says.

“It’s different now.”

“I’m not your enemy, Sebastian.”

Isn’t he, though?

The air is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

I have to be careful. With Ethan gone, Gregory will need to be managed. I always knew he’d be the bigger problem, didn’t I?

“We do it my way,” I finally say.

It’s him who remains silent now.

“I make the rules. We do it all my way,” I say.

He nods once. Holds up his glass. “Your way.”

I touch my glass to his.

“What are you toasting?”

We both turn to find Helena standing in the doorway, her bare feet half inside, half outside. She’s wearing a knee length pink dress that hangs off her. Even though she’s been eating, she’s still thinner than she was when she got here. Her nipples harden in the cool night and press against the soft cotton. She’s naked underneath.

“My brother and I have reached an understanding,” I say.

She studies us both, like she doesn’t trust either of us.

“I’m hungry,” she says instead of questioning my comment.

“That’s good.”

I push out the chair beside mine with my foot. It’s to my left and across from Gregory.

She sits, and I signal the girl waiting nearby.

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