Virgin Wanted

By: Sierra Cole

Which brings me back to my current dilemma.

I sigh in frustration, wishing I knew the answer.

What’s a girl to do?

But I guess, as usual, I’m on my own in figuring this one out ...


“Is there anything else I can do for you, Mr Whitelaw?”

I look up from my computer, realizing that Julia, my ditzy secretary, is still standing there, looking back hopefully at me with those big blue eyes of hers like she’s hoping I’ll just spin around in my chair, unzip my fly, and nod down at my cock, saying, “Well, there is one more thing you could take care of ...”

But instead, I simply shake my head and say, “That will be all, Julia,” feeling a wave of relief when she finally turns and heads out of the office, leaving me alone at my desk.

Even thought I know she’d fuck me in a heartbeat she’s just not quite my type. She’s scatterbrained – always messing up my appointments, or forgetting to write them into my schedule at all. Some days, I don’t know why I don’t just fire her. But then again, perhaps the reason I keep her on is because, well, I don’t find her too distracting.

And the kind of girls I do go for?

Let’s just say that they need to be more than just ‘pretty’. They need to be something special, too.

I wait for the frosted glass door to swish closed behind her, completely sealing me off from the rest of the large bustling open plan office, and then I turn once more to my computer screen, feeling a small charge of excitement shoot through me at the thought that someone suitable might finally have answered my ad ...

I log into the totally private and secure email system and as it’s booting up, I take a leisurely sip of the gourmet coffee that I demand Julia brings me to start each morning, here at Whitelaw Enterprises.

The inbox loads – displaying the news that I have seventeen new applicants to the advertisement, and for a moment my heart does indeed leap with excitement.

But as I begin to open the email messages and actually read what these people have written, my hopes begin to sink again just as fast, just like always.

I should have learnt by now not to get my hopes up.

It’s just the usual mix: liars and crazies, all so obviously trying to sniff out a way to make an easy buck.

But as I’m reaching the second-to-last email I pause for a moment, reading and then rereading the simple, straightforward message on the giant screen of my iMac:

From: [email protected]


I read your advert. I’m not sure what you’re after exactly but I think I fit the bill. How do I apply?



I feel a quick flash of optimism, but at the same time try my hardest to ignore it. How many times have I been disappointed by now? Way too many to count ...

No, I need to remain calm. This girl’s probably just like all the rest – lying through her teeth. And anyway, I haven’t even seen her yet ...

I quickly click open a new tab on my computer screen, then log into the covert profile-searching software that I had to pay an absolute fortune to gain access to. I mean, this isn’t just some regular search engine. This stuff isn’t available to just anyone – this is top secret, Government-level stuff, and probably violating all kinds of privacy laws in the process.

Once I’ve got the software up and running, I enter as much information as I have on this girl – which is just her name, her email address – and then I hit the ‘search’ button, taking another sip of my coffee and sitting back for a moment in my chair as I wait for the software to do its stuff.

Within seconds, a high-resolution photograph has flashed up on my screen, along with a number of other personal details: where she works, how old she is, her employment history, her medical and criminal history, too (all squeaky clean), and her current address as well as all known previous addresses ...

But I can hardly draw my eye away from the photograph to pay attention to all this extra information.

It’s just a simple picture – probably taken by a friend on a sunny day out in a park. But it’s just perfect. She’s just perfect. Big brown eyes. Smooth chocolate skin. Glossy hair. Full sensuous lips. A cute button nose. And what looks like a killer body, too, from what I can see of it.

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