Virgin Wanted

By: Sierra Cole

“It’s okay, Mom,” I reply, fighting back tears of my own now. “You did your best. I never doubted that.”

“You did a great job, Mrs Adams,” Marcus cuts in. “Alisha is a wonderful woman. You should be proud to have such a fantastic daughter.”

Mom breaks the hug and steps back, again looking from me to Marcus, then back again.

“My little girl’s really getting married?” she says, wiping away the tears, a big grin spreading across her face now. “I can’t believe it!”

“Well, that’s not all,” I say, taking her frail bony hands in both of mine. “I also need you to get well, Momma, so that you’ll be good and healthy to meet your grandchild, too.”

“You don’t mean?” she gasps.

I nod.

“Oh baby!” she cries, utterly overcome with happiness now.

And as I give her a huge hug, I feel Marcus’s strong arms wrap around us both, so that the three of us standing there in her living room.

And you know what?

For once in my life, I really do feel like things might turn out okay, after all.


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