Virgin Wanted

By: Sierra Cole

“You’re telling me that you’re about to walk out on one million dollars?” he hisses.

I stop dead in my tracks, scanning his face. But this is no joke – he’s being totally and utterly serious.

“One million dollars?” I repeat in a whisper.

He nods his head, slowly.

“You heard correct, Alisha. One million dollars. For a single week of your time. For possession of your body. For possession of your virginity.”

“Can I think it over?” I say, my brain reeling and whirling, like I’m suddenly in some kind of crazy dream. One million dollars? I mean, that would totally transform my whole entire life ...

He shakes his head.

“As I said, Alisha, I’m a very busy man. Virgins might be rare – especially virgins as beautifully exquisite as you. But they’re not fucking unicorns.”

He looks down at his gleaming gold Rolex, then meets my eyes once again.

“You have exactly sixty seconds to decide.”



I watch the confusion play across her face, as she wrestles with her morals, wondering if she could really go through with something as crazy as this. I hold my breath.

It’s utterly impossible to tell what she’s thinking.

I feel like there’s every chance in the world she’ll just tell me to go to hell.

Her exquisite features remain fixed in an unreadable expression, and as I wait for her to decide, I take a moment to drink in her beauty all over again. Good God. She’s utterly perfect. Even better in the flesh than in her photograph. Smooth flawless ebony skin, big brown eyes, a cute slightly upturned button nose, and such perfect sensuous lips that I feel a sharp, almost painful rush of blood to my cock, as I imagine them wrapping deliciously around it.

Her body is absolutely perfect, too. The cut of her clothes is both elegant and stylish but also subtly revealing – giving just enough of a hint of her perfectly proportioned, youthful figure to let me know that this girl would look absolutely stunning lying naked on the sheets of my bed, legs spread wide, her impossibly tight pussy dripping wet and ready for me.

I feel my cock grow even harder, straining dangerously against the tailored navy blue cloth of my slacks, as I try to force the lustful thoughts from my mind, even though that’s the whole reason we’re both here in the first place.

But before the fun can begin, I need to know that this girl is on the same page as me ...

I meet her gaze with my own, startled all over again by just how beautiful – beautiful yet utterly innocent – she is.

Just the way I like.

“Well,” I say, coldly, making sure keep my voice as businesslike as possible; something I’ve completely perfected in my daily interactions. “I think that was sixty seconds. What’s it to be Alisha? Are you in or are you out?”

I watch her gulp.

Another long, excruciating pause.

And then, almost imperceptibly, she nods. “Okay,” she says in a half-whisper, her voice cracking a little, her eyes fixed firmly on the floor. “I’ll do it.”

“Very good, Alisha,” I reply with a smile, savoring the delicate feel of her name on my tongue, just as delicate and delicious as I’m guessing her clit will taste.

I reach down to the desk drawer in front of it, sliding it open and pulling out the contract. I push the thin sheaf of pages across the desk towards her, watching her eye the document in confusion for a moment before picking it up, her big brown eyes quickly scanning the lines of text, her face slowly changing as the full nature of our little agreement sinks in.

I know just what that contract says.

And it leaves absolutely no question as to what our week ahead will hold ...


As the private car glides effortlessly through the lush, unfamiliar countryside towards my mystery destination, I wonder again if I’ve made the right decision. I mean, what would you do in my position?

Personally speaking, I just couldn’t afford to turn that kind of money down.

I’d be totally crazy to.

I guess you could say I’ve had a pretty tough start in life, and never been anything other than dirt poor. I never knew my real dad, but from the tales my mom told me about him as I was growing up, that’s probably for the best.

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