You Don't Know Me

By: Georgia Le Carre

She takes her cardigan off and folds it before laying it neatly over the edge of the couch closest to her. As her hands move to the back of her dress, I see them shake and realize she is nervous as hell. She unzips her dress and lowers it slowly. Underneath is only the lacy white bra. She doesn’t try to fold the dress as it pools around her ankles. Swallowing hard, she removes her last item of clothing and lets it drop to the carpet.

And I behold a body of classical proportions.

My fingers tighten around the glasses in my hands. A word I don’t think I have ever used comes into my head. Willowy. Her breasts are small and round, the nipples pink and erect, and her waist gently flares out into delicious curves that part into slender thighs. And between them pink folds protrude.

Other than the hair on her head she is completely hairless. Her flawless pale skin shimmers gently in the soft light. There is not a single mark on her body. As if she never fell over as a child and grazed her knees or hurt her elbows. Lost in awe I drag my eyes back to her face.

Anticipation and excitement have made her eyes glitter a brilliant blue. Here she is, on the wrong side of respectability, with the baddest of the bad boys. A dangerous, cold-blooded killer. It is in her eyes: the good girl is expecting a dirty, thrilling, wild, forbidden night of lust and passion.

A night like no other.

And she will get it.

Looking into her shining eyes, I remember the birthday present Vasily and the rest of my staff gave me. It was meant to be a joke. Like a blow up doll only better. Much better. Even I had been surprised by how incredibly real it looked when they presented it amongst blankets, but I never thought I’d have use for it.

Until tonight …

I scoop her up, she weighs so little. I carry her upstairs and lay her on the bed. She looks up at me with huge eyes. She appears so innocent and beautiful I almost cannot bear to look at her. The simple truth is I cannot bear to return her tomorrow.

I feel anger grow from deep inside me that she cannot be mine. Not just for tonight, but forever.

I’ve always wanted her, and now I’m being offered one little taste before she is yanked away and given to a bully who does not deserve her.

I already know what he will do. He will break her with neglect.

She, who is mine.


Tasha Evanoff

Everything Is Not Quite Enough

Lying naked on the bed, I watch him walk shirtless, the muscles of his inked back gleaming, to the attached dressing room. I see his reflection in a mirror open a cupboard and from the top shelf take down a large package. He brings it to the bed and puts it next to me.

‘Open it,’ he invites softly.

I sit up, curious, and open the plastic packaging. I stare at it, surprised and slightly confused.

‘It’s an authentic, life-size vagina and ass,’ he explains the obvious from above.

‘It’s a masturbator for men,’ I say slowly. Worrying at my lower lip I look up at him. ‘What are you going to do with it?’

He smiles slowly. ‘Not me. You.’

I stare at him. ‘Me? What am I supposed to do with that?’

‘I want to see you suck that pussy.’

‘You want me to suck a plastic pussy?’ I repeat in disbelief. This was way too kinky for me

‘It’s not plastic. It’s a CyberSkin deluxe version. Touch it.’

I look down at it then back up at him. ‘I’m sorry but I’m not into women. Not even a bit.’

‘Touch it,’ he urges.


‘I want you to.’

‘Fine.’ I touch one of the butt cheeks and it feels surprisingly real and soft. I retract my hand. ‘Yeah, good, really lifelike, but what’s the point? It’s not doing anything for me, and quite frankly I’d rather taste you.’

‘It’s the visual for me, but the elemental taboo for you.’

I look at the thing. It basically looks like a woman’s hips and thighs when she is lying face down and sticking her ass out so that her vagina projects out with all her frilly bits distended.

‘Let me show you how easy it is,’ he says, taking hold of me in a flash, opening my legs with his powerful hands, and staring down at my exposed sex. Like a man in a trance, he kneels between my legs. His head moves downward and his lips connect with the throbbing at my core. I jump as if I have been electrocuted.

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